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Size Adjustments

If your gown is a size (or 4) too big or too small let us help you find the perfect fit

Starting at $150 for brides, $30 for bridesmaids


From simple netting to beaded lace we hem all styles

Starting at $60- $300, Lace layers $100+ All other layers $30 each

Add a Bustle

Ensure you can dance the night away with a secure bustle

Starting at $30, $15 per button and loop pickup point, 5-7 is common

Bust Enhancement

Sometimes a little extra makes a big difference

Starting at $30

Laceup Conversion

Whether for style or sizing, this common alteration ensures a flawless flexible fit on your big day

Starting at $10/inch. $125 average,  includes lacing and modesty panel

Custom Beading

If you're looking for a little more sparkle consider adding some custom bead work

Starting at $60


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